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Volume 48 - 2018



Petrography, geochemistry and geochronology of the potassic granitoids of the Rio Itacambiruçu Supersuite: implications for the Meso- to Neoarchean evolution of the Itacambira-Monte Azul block
Bersan, Samuel MoreiraDanderfer Filho, AndréAbreu, Francisco Robério deLana, Cristiano    (pdf)

The Rio Pardo salient, northern Araçuaí orogen: an example of a complex basin-controlled fold-thrust belt curve
Peixoto, ElizaAlkmim, Fernando Flecha dePedrosa-Soares, Antônio Carlos         (pdf)

Sedimentary provenance in the southern sector of the São Francisco Basin, SE Brazil
Paula-Santos, Gustavo Macedo deBabinski, Marly         (pdf)

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Neoproterozoic-lower Paleozoic carbonate-siliciclastic succession of the southwesternmost Amazon Craton, state of Rondônia, Brazil
Afonso, Jhon Willy LopesNogueira, Afonso César Rodrigues              (pdf)

 Low-temperature metamorphism in the Capiru Formation, Morro Grande Synform, Southern Ribeira Belt
Santos, Larissa da RochaLeandro, RenatoBahniuk, AnelizeCury, Leonardo Fadel              (pdf)

Pb isotope geochemistry and reappraisal of Sr-Nd isotopes of the Cerro Morado basic magmatism (Ischigualasto-Villa Union Triassic basin, NW Argentina): Implications for the mantle sources
Sommer, Carlos AugustoBarreto, Carla Joana S.Lafon, Jean MichelLima, Evandro Fernandes deAlexandre, Felipe MarceloChemale Jr., FaridKoester, Edinei                 (pdf)

New plant fossils from the Lower Cretaceous of the Parnaíba Basin, Northeastern Brazil: Southern Laurasia links
Lindoso, Rafael MatosDutra, Tânia LindnerCarvalho, Ismar de SouzaMedeiros, Manuel Alfredo  (pdf)

Processing of large offset data: experimental seismic line from Tenerife Field, Colombia
Ortega, Francisco GamboaBassrei, AminGomes, Ellen de Nazaré SouzaSilva, Michelângelo Gomes daOliveira, Andrei Gomes de            (pdf)

A cathodoluminescence-assisted LA-ICP-MS study of topaz from different geological settings
Gauzzi, TeodoroGraça, Leonardo Martins              (pdf)






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