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Volume 48 - 2018



Geochemistry of the Northern Paraná Continental Flood Basalt (PCFB) Province: implications for regional chemostratigraphy
Machado, Fábio Braz; Rocha-Júnior, Eduardo Reis Viana; Marques, Leila Soares; Nardy, Antonio José Ranalli; Zezzo, Larissa Vieira; Marteleto, Natasha Sarde         (pdf)

Morphology and stratigraphy of Serra Geral silicic lava flows in the northern segment of the Torres Trough, Paraná Igneous Province
Besser, Marcell Leonard; Vasconcellos, Eleonora M. Gouvea; Nardy, Antonio J. Ranalli  (pdf)

Geology, geochemistry and petrology of basalts from Paraná Continental Magmatic Province in the Araguari, Uberlândia, Uberaba and Sacramento regions, Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Moraes, Lucia Castanheira de; Seer, Hildor José; Marques, Leila Soares         (pdf)

Local geological sections and regional stratigraphy based on physical geology and chemical stratigraphy of the Serra Geral Group from Araraquara to Avaré, SP
Fernandes, Amélia João; Negri, Francisco de Assis; Azevedo Sobrinho, José Maria; Janasi, Valdecir de Assis         (pdf)

The Mato Perso Conduit System: evidence of silicic magma transport in the southern portion of the Paraná-Etendeka LIP, Brazil
Simões, Matheus Silva; Lima, Evandro Fernandes de; Sommer, Carlos Augusto; Rossetti, Lucas de Magalhães May         (pdf)

Geochemistry of basaltic flows from a basalt ring structure of the Serra Geral formation at Água Vermelha dam, Triângulo Mineiro, Brazil: implications for the magmatic evolution of the Paraná-Etendeka Province
Pacheco, Fernando Estevao Rodrigues Crincoli; Caxito, Fabricio de Andrade; Moraes, Lucia Castanheira de; Pedrosa-Soares, Antonio Carlos; Queiroga, Glaucia Nascimento         (pdf)

2D magnetometric modeling of a basic-intermediate intrusion geometry: geophysical and geological approaches applied to the Limeira intrusion, Paraná Magmatic Province (SP, Brazil)
Lino, Lucas Martins; Cavallaro, Francisco de Assis; Vlach, Silvio Roberto de Farias; Coelho, Daniel Cunha         (pdf)

Cretaceous carbonatites of the southeastern Brazilian Platform: a review
Gomes, Celso de Barros; Comin-Chiaramonti, Piero; Azzone, Rogério Guitarrari; Ruberti, Excelso; Rojas, Gaston Eduardo Enrich         (pdf)

Nepheline syenites to syenites and granitic rocks of the Itatiaia Alkaline Massif, Southeastern Brazil: new geological insights into a migratory ring Complex
Rosa, Pedro Augusto da Silva; Ruberti, Excelso         (pdf)

Upper Cretaceous weakly to strongly silica-undersaturated alkaline dike series of the Mantiqueira Range, Serra do Mar alkaline province: Crustal assimilation processes and mantle source signatures
Azzone, Rogério Guitarrari; Ruberti, Excelso; Silva, Júlio César Lopes da; Gomes, Celso de Barros; Rojas, Gaston Eduardo Enrich; Hollanda, Maria Helena Bezerra Maia de; Tassinari, Colombo Celso Gaeta         (pdf)

Melanite-bearing nepheline syenite fragments and 40Ar/39Ar age of phlogopite megacrysts in conduit breccia from the Poços de Caldas Alkaline Massif (MG/SP), and implications
Vlach, Silvio Roberto Farias; Ulbrich, Horstpeter Herberto Gustavo Jose; Ulbrich, Mabel Norma Costas; Vasconcelos, Paulo Marcos         (pdf)

New age determinations for the Banhadão and Itapirapuã complexes in the Ribeira Valley, southern Brazil
Gomes, Celso de Barros; Azzone, Rogério Guitarrari; Ruberti, Excelso; Vasconcelos, Paulo Marcos de; Sato, Kei; Rojas, Gaston Eduardo Enrich         (pdf)

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